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Linda Ikeji

Do like Beyonce; if you stumble, make it part of the dance! ✌😘

962019-07-23 22:03:52

Linda Ikeji

You know what they say about women supporting women! ✌❤

3952019-07-23 18:27:21

Linda Ikeji

Overwhelming love! ❤   #litvuklaunch  

1692019-07-23 00:15:09

Linda Ikeji

'Twas a good evening.   #litvuklaunch  

1632019-07-23 00:08:23

Linda Ikeji

LITV UK launch! ✌😎🥰

10822019-07-22 21:47:25

Linda Ikeji

You need to slow down, relax, breath, let go...and enjoy your own life without comparing to other people's lives! ✌😘

5482019-07-22 01:58:57

Linda Ikeji

I hope you believe that you have a Guardian Angel taking care of you on this earth. Can you see mine? Look well! Hahaha 🤗🥰

3982019-07-22 01:18:48

Linda Ikeji

You know what they say; if you love life, life will love you back! ✌😍😍

9172019-07-21 23:27:41

Linda Ikeji

London living! 🥰🥰

5232019-07-21 21:29:08

Linda Ikeji

Hope it's okay for me to keep slaying? 💅 Yes, I said slaying! 😅😉

13212019-07-20 23:42:11

Linda Ikeji

Strutting! 😍😍

14342019-07-20 20:45:07

Linda Ikeji

20 years after, my friend Fatimah and I recreated our . . Left photo was taken in 1999 when we did cheerleading at the Nigerian Basket league and right was July 17th 2019. 🥰

15952019-07-20 12:48:24

The end.